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This book is useful for those just getting started with SCORM standards either on the developing end of things or on the purchasing end. However, the stardards used cover SCORM 1.2 which is still widely in use today eventhough SCORM 2004 is supposed to replace it. I spoke with the author and she said the publisher has not supported the idea of making an updated version of the book. This book is useful for teaching you to use the built in feature of Flash™ to make SCORM compliant software. It is not very helpful for making SCORM Flash™ programs from scratch. This is a delightful, short video that I first encountered when I was a middle school student. I loved it so much, that I found it again and bought it for my own children to enjoy. It is less than a half hour long. The price varies wildly depending on who is selling it. Buy from Disney directly if the price is too high. The target audience for these texts are teachers who are teaching at or below the freshman calculus level. I am still in the process of reading these books. So far I recommend them both for high school and college teachers.

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