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Click on 'Programs' to find links to all of the programs that are on this site. Most of the programs are related to math, but you will also find several related to color, a couple related to perspective, a drawing program, and more. Try out the Alien Arithmetic program in the Arithmetic area to have fun thinking in a different base.

Click on 'SCORM' to learn about Shareable Content Object Reference Models, what they are, why they are useful, and how to make your own.

The 'About L2 page gives you information about how I got the nickname L2 and why I work on this site and the programs that this site contains. I also occassionaly update the page to let you know what kinds of things I am working on now or planning on working on soon.

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Software and Other Products

I currently haven't figured pricing on my SCORM commpliant programs. Feel free to use the 'Contact' link above to inquire about purchasing the SCORM version of any programs on this site that is written by me or another Lsquared Math representative. If you would like the program tweaked a bit to suit your needs, feel free to ask for that also. If you would like an entirely new program written to suit your needs, go ahead and describe what it is you want.

Pricing will depend on the approximate number of students or number of sections you want to use the program for per semester, the amount of work I need to do in order to get the program the way you want it, and in the case of entirely new programs, whether or not you want exclusive rights to the program. Obviously it is cheaper if you just suggest an idea and have me retain the rights to the program. Once you purchase a program license, you may keep using that version indefinitely at your school without further cost. You can also get free fixes to any bugs found in the program. There may be a charge if you wish to purchase upgrades to the program if the upgrade is the result of significant enhancements.

In any case there is no charge and no obligation to inquire.

Last Update: June 13, 2008